Sunday, November 1, 2015

Evening Supervisor Opportunity—Apply Today!


Evening Supervisor: Maintain the integrity of the store in the evenings when the manager is not present



  • oversee the overall presentation of the shop
  • make sure registers are fully stocked with cash/coin, prepare for following day
  • handle all immediate customer service issues
  • make sure all orders are filled accurately and solve any problems that may occur with orders
  • make sure manager is notified of any shortages in the inventory (bread, merchandise and supplies) in the shop
  • verify production is accurate for following day
  • review any issues that came up in the store with the manager to determine if they would require the manager’s input the next time or are best resolved solely by the weekend manager 
  • make sure evening bread donations are done properly.

Employee Management:

  • make sure all employees present themselves properly
  • first communication link between weekend counter staff and manager
  • observe evening closers counter staff behavior and report positive news and any areas of improvement
  • communicate with the manager additional staffing needs or staff overages
  • lead trainer for all store closers
  • assist store manager with interviewing prospective new hire closers 

Physical Requirements:

  • standing
  • lift up to 50lbs
  • frequent bending
  • up and down stairs


Friendly, approachable, efficient, assertive, reliable, trustworthy

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