Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pompion means Pumpkin

The sweet pumpkin is a classic. It's orange color inside and out makes it a fall favorite in decor, baking and craft-making. It is popular in many fall recipes and gets a special place on our table throughout autumn. But it also has a rich, albeit, lesser known history. It is featured in the 1700s throughout baking recipes of England. Both the British and American sides delighted in pumpkins during colonial times in the New England area. The word pompion, the forerunner to pumpkin, celebrated a full bounty in harvested goods and as an adjective for a plump person! It was even speculated that it would become a greater source of sugar production than beets. An 1840 magazine mentioned it as an "overgrown and hitherto despised production of the vegetable world." We have found it to be quiet different today. Our pumpkin bread counts pumpkin as its main ingredient. The results? We think they are fantastic. Please let us know what you think!

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