Friday, November 28, 2014

Ingredient Update

Each ingredient used in our breads is tastefully scrutinized so that it provides the maximum value. Yes, no surprise, taste is a huge driver in the choice of an ingredient. At times this means our search for ingredients travels far—cinnamon from Saigon is an example. Other times we focus on harvests that provide superior items in our region—peaches from Colorado and blueberries from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are examples.

Taste, as a style, means we also consider non-sensory aspects of an ingredient. Things such as health, impact on the environment and consistent quality of an item are also considerations. Selecting locally milled grain for the flour we use embodies this approach. Our flour from Winona's mills comes from locally harvested grains that are carefully scrutinized to meet the highest standards. The quality is top-notch. The local aspect means that limited natural resources are used to deliver the flour. The flour is also really exceptionally tasty!

We seek to bake the best tasting breads. Breads you can't pick up just anywhere. Breads we can be personally proud of offering and breads we serve on our own tables. For years for personal reasons and as we listened to you during your visits to the bakery, we have been looking at ways to bring more organic and non-GMO items into our core ingredients.

We are happy to announce that we've recently made two significant changes in ingredients that address both these desires.

First, we now use organic eggs exclusively across all the baked items we craft. This required a number of test bake efforts to make sure that the breads you count on continued to taste fantastic (or even better). We source these organic eggs from the well-regarded Larry Schultz Farms. That they are also nearby makes this switch a home run in our view.

We also have recently switched to a non-GMO canola oil for the items that we bake that use canola oil. In the case of the eggs and oil the improvement in the quality of the bakery's items is clear. They taste even better than before and these changes also help put a smile on our eco-mindedness.

Just as we make determined choices about which products to offer and when the ingredients for them are at their peak taste and freshness we also continuously look at the ingredients themselves.

Thanks for your continued patronage. We really value you and are doing everything we can to offer the best breads produced in the manner of quality associated with both fine French bakeries and our own grandmother.


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