Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Breadsmith Breads Available at Area Lakewinds Co-ops

For many of our customers, the Richfield Farmer's Market's was an early spring to late fall foodie love affair with Breadsmith breads. However as winter arrived driving to the nearest bakery just didn't fit into their schedules. So, the delight of a freshly baked loaf of Flaxseed Farmer's Wheat with Cranberries or a perfectly formed Blueberry Scone or a hand-crafted French Baguette was delayed.

Beginning earlier this year the three Lakewinds Food Co-op locations (Chanhassen, Minnetonka and newly opened Richfield) began to feature a selection of Breadsmith breads. The breads at each location are baked daily at Breadsmith, so you can count on fresh, natural and tasty options each and every day. Unlike common grocery store breads, even upscale ones, there is no carry-over to the next day of the Breadsmith items.

Be sure to visit Lakewinds in your area to see what's available and let us know next time we see you—at the market, in the bakery or at Lakewinds! We'd love to catch up no matter what the season!

Here is a recently published article featuring Breadsmith in the Lakewinds magazine.

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