Wednesday, June 10, 2020

New Item --- Flatbreads for the Home Chef

We are introducing Crispy Flatbreads, a new product available Thursday and Friday's in our bakery locations.

These are a partially baked item ready to serve as your personal "canvas" for creating a quick, delightful and quiet tasty meal. We sell them in a pack of 3.

These have been a sought after item by area chefs, and we've been happy to provide them. As we all continue to look for creative home cooking options we think our Flatbreads will offer you a: quick, fresh, and unique meal. If you have children it's fun for them to help you make it!

Let's show you how we made one tonight:

First, take the flatbread out of the refrigerator. You can keep them for at least four days, so you can fit it into your upcoming meal plans.

Drizzle some olive oil and spread it out across the flatbread. Add coarsely ground salt and pepper to your taste.

Your canvas is now prepared for you to add the ingredients you want! After you have the ingredients in place, bake at 450 degrees for ten minutes.

We brushed out the olive oil, then ground a little salt and pepper on top. Next we spread some pesto, added halved small tomatoes, and fresh red pepper.

Next we took some thin-sliced ham and cut it into strips. We spread these around the flatbread so every piece would have some on it.

After adding the ham, we wanted to add some greens. We had fresh spinach, so we chopped a handful up into an easy-to-distribute amount.

Finally, we searched through the refrigerator and found some colby jack cheese. We added it on top of all the other ingredients and then spread everything out toward the edges of the flatbread so everything except about a quarter inch of flatbread was covered with ingredients.

It's starting to look pretty tall!

Into the oven it goes! We chose to bake it at 375 degrees, anything much higher and our fire sensor alarms. So, we'll let it bake for 15 minutes instead of ten.

It's out in fifteen and the flatbread cuts easily with our pizza cutter.

We cut it up into 12 good-sized pieces. Larger pieces and you'll have 8. With a little fruit, or another side and a beverage we think you'll be able to easily serve 2-4 with one flatbread.

For our next flatbread we'll be sure to spread our toppings closer to the edge to even things out. The ingredients add moisture, so the differences between the edges and middle is what we're trying to make more even. But I don't see any left-overs, so nothing that stopped the hungry ones at our place!

We've got lots of potential ingredients to use on the next one, which will look and taste much different--but equally good. We're looking forward to making our next one. Enjoy!

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