Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Featured Thanksgiving Breads

Pre-order Thanksgiving Breads today! Download our pre-order menu.

Starting November 20 (Wednesday) and continuing Wednesday's through December 18:

- Cranberry Cornbread ($6.25) and Rolls ($1.15)

We will also have Cranberry Cornbread and Rolls the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Starting November 22 (Friday) we are offering:

- Stuffing ($4.50)

- Country White Pull Aparts ($7.95)

- Traditional Cornbread in eight-by-eight inch trays ($7.00)

We will also have a limited number of rectangular loaves available for purchase each day of the Thanksgiving season.

Starting November 23 (Saturday) through November 27 (Wednesday), we are offering:

- Blueberry Cranberry Bread ($6.50) and Rolls ($1.15)

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