Monday, February 29, 2016

New Baker's Dozen Policy

On Monday, March 14th, we will implement changes in our Bakers’ Dozen Card rewards program. Since our opening in 1994, we have been very grateful for those customers who shop with us regularly (sometimes daily!). One way of showing our appreciation has been the Bakers’ Dozen Card that earns a complimentary loaf after purchasing 12 loaves.

Over the years we have introduced a large variety of new products and product sizes which has made it challenging for us to determine a “loaf” for Bakers’ Dozen Card purposes. Consequently, we have decided to enhance and simplify the program.

Going forward, each loaf you purchase or $5.00 you spend (including merchandise) per visit --whichever benefits you more--counts as a loaf or i.e. stamp on your Bakers’ Dozen Card. After 12
stamps you earn a complimentary available loaf (Stollen and Holiday Challah breads excluded).

For simplification and equity purposes we will no longer be offering the following modifications to our Bakers’ Dozen Card program:

1. Product substitutes to the reward of a complimentary loaf.

2. A complimentary loaf for purchases of merchandise over $10.00. Merchandise purchases will be included in your $5.00 spent per visit stamps on the Bakers’ Dozen Card.

3. Providing customers with additional stamps for the use of their own shopping bags. We are working on new eco-friendly policies and promotions for our customers.

Thank you for your patronage and patience.

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