Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Visit Jerry’s Foods for Breadsmith Breads

Each day Breadsmith delivers and displays fresh baked breads at Jerry’s Foods. Look for the signature bread cart in the center of the bakery section. We carefully select breads that represent the finest French baking traditions and breads that also feature excellence in taste, health and presentation.

Be sure to visit Jerry’s to find these fine breads. Bon Appétit!

French Baguette (traditional and half ‘demi’ size)
French Boule (also as a roll)
French Peasant
Mini Cibatta
Flaxseed Farmer’s Wheat with Cranberries (loaf and roll)
Sourdough (loaf and roll)
Dark Raisin Walnut Rye
Pretzel (bun and breadstick)
Caraway Onion Rye

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