Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Breads

We're baking all your favorites! All orders must be placed by noon on Tuesday, November 22nd. Orders will be ready November 23rd following noon. Breadsmith will be closed on Thanksgiving, November 24th.

Cranberry Cornbread
(Nov. 23 only)
Our golden-hued cornbread is dotted with dried cranberries and lightly sweetened with honey. This version is leavened with yeast rather than baking powder, making the texture lighter and less cake-like. It is a favorite of adults and kids alike. Read more.

Traditional Cornbread 
Our Traditional Cornbread is slightly sweet. It is soft in texture with telltale cornmeal texture. Read more.

Mini Sandwich Buns
Our Mini Sandwich Buns (also known as banquet buns) are made with our classic Honey White or Honey Wheat Bread dough. Read more.

Country White Buns (2.5 oz.)
Country White is lightly sweet and subtly rich. It is a springy consistency, and the crust is a touch crunchy. Read more.    

Breadsmith Stuffing (wheat, white or mix)
Breadsmith Stuffing is as good as it gets! Every bag is unseasoned so you can use it in your favorite recipe. You’ll be pleased with the result! Read more.

Pumpkin Bread and Muffins (available with or without walnuts)

Pumpkin Bread
Pumpkin is the leading ingredient in our recipe—there’s more pumpkin than flour! The result is a full-flavored treat with a dense and silky texture. Read more.

Blueberry Cranberry Bread and Rolls (Nov. 21 and 23)
The sweet and tart flavors of dried blueberries and cranberries pop in our Honey White bread. A touch of honey rounds out the flavors. Kids love it. Read more.

Cranberry Orange Bread
Sweet with a touch of zing, Cranberry Orange Bread is refreshing. It’s made with fresh cranberries, orange juice and orange zest for full flavor. Read more.

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