Saturday, May 8, 2021

Learn More About Our New Rewards Program

Our new rewards program will replace the Baker's Dozen punch cards. You can sign up by downloading the Breadsmith app, (at the Apple Store, or the Google Play store) or by registering online (we prefer you register online). Once you've joined, all of your purchases will build rewards.

Just signing up earns you a complimentary daily loaf!

Why change programs?

Ultimately, it's to help improve tracking your earned rewards and to minimize the loss of paper punch cards. Formerly, we gave a punch for each loaf purchased. But with new items such as granola, and standards like muffins and scones what earned a "punch" or "stamp" became vague. So, we worked toward purchase value. But, then how was a $6.48 purchase translated into "punches" compared to a purchase of $6.54. Seems easy, until you are the customer two cents short of gaining the bonus of rounding-up! Even at our best there was always the possibility of losing a Baker's Dozen card, or sending it through the wash!

I'm convinced there is a nearly full one in a car I sold a few years ago!


Now, with each purchase you make: merchandise or bread, at whatever amount, it all will add to your rewards. One dollar spent earns one point. Sixty points are worth five dollars of in-store value.

The attached PDF gives more details.

We appreciate you, and we will continue to add punches and redeem the Baker's Dozen cards through October 1, 2021. So, keep checking the glove box, you pockets and seasonal purses/wallets to find those partially filled punch cards!

And, be sure to sign up today by downloading the Breadsmith app.

Download from the Apple App Store

Download from the Google Play App Store

Or by registering online by visiting this webpage.

Remember, a complimentary daily loaf is waiting for you!  

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