Sunday, March 1, 2020

Honey is Sweet

There are many ways to sweeten baked items, the natural choice of honey is among the best. Honey is a complex sweetener—made up of sweet components and nutrients. Many other options are just comprised of the sweet component. Honey's complexity provides benefits. Our body processes and absorbs it slower than other sweeteners. This extends the boost of energy we get from eating, while reducing the spike in blood sugars. Honey also contains vitamins and minerals. Refined sugar doesn't.

Of course, we've likely all enjoyed a bit of honey with a hot tea to help us overcome a sore throat or cold. More than good advice from grandma, the results of research suggest that there is more than loving advice behind the use of honey. Honey helps fight what ails us, reducing discomfort.

And many have heard about honey being a natural way to develop defenses against allergies. The thought being similar to how allergy shot help us develop less sensitivity. Enjoying honey means you're enjoying a bit of the local pollen which leads to being less sensitive to the effects of pollen as an allergen. It sounds like a beautiful and reasonable solution. Too complex to prove, but fun to enjoy discussing while adding a bit of honey to a spot of tea, a slice of bread or as a drizzle over ice cream or a cookie.

Honey is less refined than refined sugar. Honey is more natural than options being developed by food scientists. And our honey is locally made, by the bees of the area—Sweet!

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